Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Good Luck Charms in the Car

Tom's daughter Julie put this sticker in the car inside on the roof so we could see it each time we climed in and buckled up. It made for a lot of fun for us. Transit sections are really fast we were passed one time by a Studebaker I know we were doing close to 100 mph and he just blew by us. One thing though in small towns always go the speed limit the local Police can really make a nice profit off you as some drivers found out. The Federalies were always helpful to everyone when they escorted you into a city speed laws were shattered. Can you imagine being in a high speed chase with the police with them leading.

The Hula Girl was also given by Tom's daughter Julie. She rode all the transit sections and finally we made her ride the speed sections . The Mexican people got a lot of laughs out of her . She is still in the car today she lost an arm we found it and thanks to super glue she is just fine. We glued magnets to her and she rode on the part of the roll cage over the dash sometimes after a speed run she would be upside down if she was was we knew we had a fast drive.

Finally our Lucky "Tits" . A friend gave us these molded tits as a gift for the car so we did some additions and colored them with pink chalk for an authentic look and a little brown paint at the top to touch them off. they were always somewhere on the car while we were building it.

We always rubbed them for good luck before the green flag went down. We placed each one above us at the top of the roll cage, as you can see the driver rubbed them more than the navigator he either likes tits or had no confidence in his navigator. Knowing Tom as long as I have I really think he likes tits.