Sunday, March 30, 2008

One Job At A Time

We are working on our list of improvements one job at a time. Right now we are fabricating the mountings for the oil cooler . While doing this we wanted to plan how to quickly disconnect lines if by chance we lost and oil line or if the oil cooler failed. One of our plans is to carry in the car a by-pass line for an emergency. it is quite well known in the La Carrera to always expect the unexpected. Tom and I are able to do all of our own metal fabrication and I must say having to work with engineers every day at my job Tom is a top notch engineer. So far we have been able to figure out how to fabricate everything we have needed for the race car. Give us a good vise c-clamps some wood and angle iron and we can make it .
Here I am making the lower mount for the oil cooler. Below is the finished mount
We also made hinges for the hood this was done because a certain unnamed person (Tom) ran over the hood when we removed it to check things over outside of Puebla. At first when we got to Puebla Tom told everyone we hit a buzzard some people believed him. We still have a lot of laughs over this. I personally think Tom hates the hood because he put another ding in it so hinges were needed before he hit me in the head with the hood. We have always had fun working on the car and our friendship has gotten really close while doing this.

Friday, March 21, 2008

We Are In The Race!!

We are now officially entered in the 2008 La Carrera Panamericana we knew that this year all of the North American slots would be filled quickly so we sent our entry fee in right away. North America is going to be allotted 50 slots this year and at least 63 teams have expressed interest in running the La Carrera. There is a lot of improvements to be made to the car this year so now it is going to be full speed ahead on all of the work ahead of us. Gary Faules e-mailed me yesterday with some really good advice about spares and how to work with an auto parts supplier about getting spares on loan and returning what you don't use and paying for what you do use. Gary's blog is very well written with a lot of very useful information about racing and the La Carrera.
His site is We are going to Port City Racing today to get our new oil cooler and check out a few other things while we are there. We have to make some changes to the roll cage due to rule changes to to help with safety for the driver and navigator.
North American Director Gerie Bledso sends out updates by e-mail to keep all entrants up to speed on all rule changes . Anyone interested can go to the U.S. La Carrera web site and read these updates.
We will be looking for sponsors for this year our plan is to sell a 4"x4" space on the roof of the car for 150.00 the hood will be open if any major sponsor is interested. We can be contacted at .