Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Update May 2008

The car has been coming along quite well the pick list is getting smaller right now . The last major thing to do is to build up the new rear end with 3.54 gearing which should get us more top end. We currently have 4.11 gearing . The last day of the La Carrera is quite long with a lot of transit driving and this should take less stress on the engine. We will be making some minor changes to the roll cage adding a second door bar which will be removeable because two old guys just can't get in and out of a race car like young kids. We are still waiting for word on the fire system for in the car we always carr two extenguishers in the car and one in the trunk. Some time in August we will be pulling the engine just to be safe.

This weekend we will be doing a total rebuild to my smoker. The fire box finally gave out after 12 years so I fabricated a new one out of stainless steel. When this is finished we will do a test firing and then probably some ribs and brisket or pork loin. Whenever the somker is fired up people seem to show up like seagulls at the dump. Tom always seems to leave with bbq sauce all over him he knows never wear a new white shirt because it will be the last time it will look good.This is probably next to racing my favorite hobby.

I want to thank Gary Faules for reminding me that I need to update more often. I did it

Thanks Gary.

On another subject my son Tim got his Submarine Dolphins while serving on board the USS LaJolla SSN 701. He is a Machinest Mate and currently on patrol in the Pacific .

Tim is on the far right