Tuesday, October 21, 2008

We are in Tuxtula

Racing legend Herschel Mcgriff and me in San Miguel de Allende. Today we unloaded the car and drove it to Tuxtula we went from sea level to 3800 feet we passed tech inspection and the car is ready to race tomorrow Tom and Jim are going to adjust the carbueration for altitude. Go to catch up with some friends from 2006.

Monday, October 20, 2008

We're almost there

I got to meet a true racing Legend Herschel Macgriff who won the first La Carrera in 1950 a very nice man who also was the oldest person to win a NASCAR race thanks to Gary Faules who Introduced him to me. He also signed the dash board of the Volvo for us. We are currently in Coatcoalcos Mexico which is on the Gulf of Mexico we arrived tonight after a 13 hour drive to get here a very stressful ride to say the least. Tomorrow we arrive in Tuxtula Guteirrez to start to go through the whole process of tech inspection and all. Just a note anyone can post to this blog site and as time permits I will try to update spare time will not be a luxary from now on . I have tried to upload images and it won't work Sorry