Monday, June 2, 2008

We Are Smokin !!

This past weekend Tom , Bill and I rebuilt my smoker which was in dire need of a rebuild. The fire box was completely shot and some of the cooking area needed some attention also. I use my cooker all year and the winters have been rough on it. So we took a Saturday off from the Volvo and rebuilt the cooker

.This is how the old fire box looked when we cut it off.

The new fire box is made out of stainless steel which I fabricated . I wanted to make the fire box larger so I can use longer pieces of wood . The plan I had worked perfect it all went together like I knew what I was doing. Tom and Bill were a very big help during the rebuild the only thing I would do different next time is pay them in cash not beer.Here is the first firing of the smoker

I tried some pork lion and short ribs which came out really good. The thing seems to hold heat much better than before so less wood to use. When doing this type of cooking always low and slow.Tomorrow we are going to assemble the rear end in the Volvo with the new gears and try it out. We will have 2 complete rear end assembly's for the car. The La Carrera Panameriana is sold out this year there are 105 cars competing .