Sunday, September 23, 2007

Tribute To A True Friend

Our very good friend John"Big Dog"Beadle passed away in the spring of 2006. John and his wife Sue used to race a 1962 MGA back in the early 60's when you would drive your race car to the track and use it for transportation during the week. Today we went to John' s house and picked up the old race car to get it back on the road again after some 30 years. We now have the car at the Dover Brothers Racin garage. The engine was rebuilt by John Twist from University Motors about 10 years ago. Our goal is to get the car running for John's daughter Terry. She wants to keep the car original just get the mechanical working and safe to drive on the road .

John was a very special friend he was a graduate of the University of Michigan and retired from Amway as Data Processing Manager. John was a BBQ expert who taught me all about BBQ he never shared any of his recipes but he was always willing to help you with anything you wanted to make. He always wanted to get the MGA running again after he retired but his health ended up not working out he lost both of his legs to diabetes he said he would never use a wheel chair and true to his word he didn't. John is a friend that will always be missed and always remembered.