Sunday, October 21, 2007

You Must Stop Before You Can Go

We now have the brakes pretty much done on the MGA just have to pick up 2 copper washers for the banjo fitting on the right front caliper. We pulled the drums and calipers off and luckily were able to rebuild everything. We had a set of wire wheels and tires donated by Gary Wortman from our MG car club. Thanks Gary!! The engine is the next thing to work on we spun it over carefully putting oil in the cylinders first and letting it set and then turning the flywheel by hand and finally using the starter to spin the engine over. I have and exhaust system from my MGA that we are going to use for the car a few years ago I put a 1800 engine in my MGA and a different exhaust system. My wife always used to ask me why I kept the old exhaust system now I know why. If all goes well we hope to fire the car up in a couple weeks .