Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Unsung Heros of the La Carrera

Nobody can start or finish the la Carrera without the support crew who live in the shadows of the race. This year we were blessed to have on our crew Kevin Sullivan and Jim Blett . Kevin and his wife Jackie spend their winters in San Miguel while living in New Jersey during the summer. We met Jackie and Kevin on our first trip to San Miguel two years ago and instantly became friends; it must be a Sullivan thing. Jim built the engine for the Volvo which preformed excellent all the time. When arriving at a service stop seeing the crew there is always a welcome sight. Many thanks to Jackie Sullivan and Jann Blett for allowing their husbands to join us on this adventure The crews pretty much travel the same roads as we do with the exception of some speed sections. The crew is the main reason most cars are on the road the next day preforming repairs on the cars at night with little to no sleep..Tom and I just want to thank Kevin and Jim for keeping us in the race and being there for us. Kevin speaks spanish which really helped us out and Jim's knowledge of Volvos really proved to be what kept us going. So when you see a Carrera car cross the finish line on the final day it is the crew who got them there.