Saturday, July 19, 2008

Your Help Appreciated

We have decided to offer space on the car for sponsorships .What you get is a 4"x8" space on the roof of the car for 150.00. The hood is open for someone who is willing to offer more support to our team. If anyone can your help would be greatly appreciated and you get to sponsor a race car with two really great guys. To contact us e-mail at
Now for the Volvo update. The engine was disassembled and Jim looked everything over and the lifters are going to be replaced and while the engine is apart all new bearings will be installed and of course all new gaskets. The cam and pistons were all in perfect condition . We had some serious cooling problems the last day of the 2006 La Carrera so we felt this was necessary to check everything over. Now the front suspension has been rebuilt the rear end has been changed, the exhaust and finally the engine. We should have the car ready to go with two months to do some testing and any changes we feel necessary.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Update July 2008

The gearing was changed in the rear end we now have 3.54 gearing which replaced the 4.11 gears. We should be getting more top end and not putting as much stress on the engine . We took the car out for a test run and noticed a difference right away. On the way to Veracruz in 2006 we unloaded the car to test it out an we happened to record the speeds with rpms so we can compare what we have now.

This is Jim Blett on the left who will be our crew chief in Mexico and Tom on the right installing the axles in the rear end. Jim has over 30 years experience working on Volvo's he runs a shop called Swedish Car Services which is in Coopersville Mi. Jim is a very welcome team member to Dover Brothers Racin. Our 4th team member is Kevin Sullivan who we met the last time we were in San Miguel. Kevin has a car passion and has followed the La Carrera for years.

Right now the engine is out of the Volvo Jim wants to check the whole thing over and make sure all is well inside. The car was running good but in the 2006 la Carrerra we had cooling problems so just to be sure he is going to go through the bearings check the cam and pistons. The car will be back together by the end of the month then we will have time to work out any problems if run into them.