Thursday, September 4, 2008

We Now Have Shirts!!!

We now have shirts for Dover Bros. Racin' sizes available are small to 3XL the cost is 25.00 each including shipping. We are using this as a fundraiser for our Mexican adventure in October. To find out how to get the shirts e-mail and we will e-mail you the address to sent the money to . We feel this a more secure way to do this.
The car is coming along good we found a small pin hole leak in the radiator so that was repaired and reinstalled in the car . With all the cooling problems we had in the past this really didn't surprise us and this is another reason to have plenty of time to do testing on your car before you make the trip to Mexico. We are bringing a spare radiator along just to be on the safe side. Our last trip we didn't bring a spare alternator and it froze up and we were out for a half a day. I would say if a part has a chance of breaking bring a spare because the one item you leave home is the one that is going to fail. We had a spare transmission with us and another Volvo needed one so we worked out a deal and they were running the next day. One thing all the racers do is to help each other out with much needed advice or parts or car knowledge. Never shrug off advice from a veteran racer they are always willing to give some really good tips to help you out. And then you can listen to some really good stories from past races while having a cold beer with them.