Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Car Is Home

We picked up the MG last weekend in St.Joseph Ill. and spent the night with our good friends Jean and Rick Ingram. We bought the car from Pete Mantell who owns Mantell Motor Sports and he specializes in building MG's into V-8 powered machines. Pete took me for a ride in his MGB which is powered by a 400hp plus V8 quite a machine to say the least. He has a very nice shop and all his work is done first class. I was very impressed by all he has done.

We took the MG home ans brought it to the Dover Bros. garage and because it hadn't been run in a few years we drained the gas out and made sure it would turn over by hand then turned the engine over until we saw oil pressure then we tried to fire it. The engine fired after a few attempts and ran quite well. We then replaced the clutch slave cylinder bled it then we were able to move the car under her own power. Still lots of work to do brakes and next on the list also we know there are fuel pump issues to take are of .

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