Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Race Team

Stop the presses!!! The hand selected race team for the upcoming 24 hrs of LeMons race has been selected. As suspected the Dover Bros have won hands down. The team consists of:
South Haven, lock up your daughters (maybe just take away their walkers), the Dover Bros are coming.
For those of you that missed the media announcements the race is April 16 & 17 at Gingerman in South Haven. The car is the Prince of Darkness special, a black 1970 MGBGT. Can you believe it, a 30 yr old MG in a endurance race. Can you say "oximoron"? Maybe after meeting the Dover Bros you can at least say moron.
For a few laughs and some info. google "24 Hrs of Lemons"
Stay tuned.

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